2018 THSADA Conference

47th Annual State Conference and Professional Development Program (TAAC)

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Section 1: Goverance Courses

TAAC 102 - CCP and UIL forms/waivers presented by Dr. Charles Breithaupt and Dr. Susan Elza

TAAC 103 - SEC/DEC Protocols presented by Dr. Jamey Harrison

TAAC 109 - AEC protocols presented by Robert Huckabee

Section 2: Organization/Administration

TAAC 201 - Athletic department handbook development presented by Brenda Marshall

TAAC 202 - Hiring and stipends for Texas coaches presented by Karen Funk

TAAC 205 - Budget prep: Texas school district purchasing presented by Derek Anderson

TAAC 207 - Booster club management presented by Dale Hart

TAAC 208 - Hiring and stipends for Texas TAPPS coaches presented by Steve Prud'homme

Section 3: Community/ School Engagement

TAAC 301 - Working with staff, parents, community and ISD leadership presented by Dr. Marcus Nelson

TAAC 302 - Cases of interest for coaches and ADs presented by Jim Walsh

TAAC 304 - Tweet others as you would have them tweet you presented by Jim Walsh

Section 4: Athletic Facilities

TAAC 403 - Athletic facilities stadium lighting presented by Tod Spears and Sam Yaeger

TAAC 404 - Considerations for artificial and natural grass presented by Randy Bullock

Is all artificial turf created equally? The latest in football injury research presented by Dr. Michael C. Meyers 

Section 5: Health and Safety

TAAC 501 - Health and safety: Texas legislative mandates presented by Scott Galloway and Traci Randerman

TAAC 502 - Emergency action plans and weather safety presented by Traci Randerman

Current Issues

State of high school athletics in Texas

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